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Case Study

Assent looks after the Largest Passivhaus site in Europe

Developers Westleigh are constructing the largest Passivhaus site in Europe in Whittier Road Leicester which will be known as the Saffron Acres site. The 68 unit development will be one of the largest individual Passivhaus projects that has been undertaken to date.

The Passivhaus standard

The key criteria for Passivhaus certification are:

Space Heating Demand ≤ 15k Wh/m2yr

Heating Load ≤ 10 W/m2

Primary Energy Demand ≤ 120kWh/m2yr

Airtightness target 0.6ACH(n50)

Frequency of overheating ≤ 10% over 25°C

Dwellings on the Saffron Acres site will be certified according to the heating load criterion which in this case is more achievable than the heating demand criterion. Four different specifications are proposed in order to ensure that all dwellings achieve the Passivhaus standard.

Project Manger Ali Neishaboori will be dealing with the project and he is delighted to be given the opportunity to be part of this very innovative and exciting scheme.

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