Changes ahead for Building Regulation Compliance Processes

Changes ahead for Building Regulation Compliance Processes
26th October 2020

The process for property owners and developers to meet regulation 38 requirements is set to change for the better with the launch of a new technology platform being trialled by Assent Building Control.

The Building Passport is a secure, online platform which stores all post-completion building information that can help Assent’s clients to meet regulations, save time and money.

In the process of issuing the ‘Ready for Occupation’ building regulation certification Assent Building Control currently check and collate all the necessary building safety checks and compliance with regulations. Once issued, this certification is issued to the property owner or responsible individual to store (often manually) and keep relevant information up-to-date, such as the details of the Fire Safety Officer.

A direct integration between Assent Building Control’s back-office systems and the Building Passport platform means that all information is uploaded and ready at the point of final certification. This will help responsible property owners to meet Regulation 38 requirements and to also act ahead of the regulation changes taking place within the coming year.

Iain Thomson, CEO of Assent Building Control said “There is a clear need for this type of solution in the industry. To be able to share information openly and securely will allow property owners to meet regulations, provide fire & rescue services critical information and easily transfer ownership to a new owner in the event of sale.”

He added “Regulation changes, changes of personnel and the potential risk of storing manual records pose risks to property owners and responsible individuals. Assent Building Control will be able to support our clients to meet regulations and mitigate these risks.”

Read more about how you can gain a Building Passport for your new or existing property.


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