COVID 19 Leicester Area Lockdown

COVID 19 Leicester Area Lockdown
1st July 2020

Current Situation in Leicester

Following the government announcement of the extended lockdown in the Leicester area we wanted to inform clients of the steps Assent are taking to protect staff and continue to provide a service to clients and ongoing projects in the affected area.

Currently the government recommend that travel should be restricted to essential travel only to and from places of work or for essential provisions.

Clients should still request inspections from your Assent surveyor. Where the inspection is an essential inspection as per our COVID-19 risk assessment we will still aim to undertake a physical inspection. Some flexibility in site operations may be required to facilitate this. Where it is not an essential inspection the inspection will take place via live video stream using software such as Microsoft Teams. Your surveyor will set this up and send you a link to facilitate the inspection.

We will also ask some questions before we inspect and may ask for the site COVID-19 Secure Certificate (available from HSE).

  • Check what social distancing measures are in place, and if any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is mandatory.
  • Confirm if there are toilet facilities available for visitors.
  • Check to see if site conditions or restrictions have changed since the last visit, if appropriate.
  • Any professional planning or organising a visit to the property should confirm to the client that they have no COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Confirm if the property is occupied.
  • Request that the site or vicinity of your attendance is evacuated for the short time of the inspection, if possible.

Elsewhere in England and Wales we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation following in house procedures and the guidance published by RICS/CABE titled “Beyond COVID-19: Recovery measures in building control in England as COVID-19 restrictions are eased”


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