How to Modernise Heritage Sites and Remain Compliant

How to Modernise Heritage Sites and Remain Compliant
5th March 2022

Heritage sites are stunning and are often ripe for renovation. But challenges arise when the use of the building is being changed. From churches to accommodation, listed buildings to offices and even hospitals to flats – the challenges can at first seem simple to tackle – retrofitting with new materials to achieve compliance with fire and access regulations.

Reality is often very different to this. The way in which a building is divided up can have significant implications on fire compartmentation, acoustic performance and thermal efficiency – all of which are requirements in the current Building Regulations.

The key to any refurbishment project that is not a sympathetic restoration project is to get the experts in as early as possible. Building surveyors who understand who to work within the Building Regulations whilst still providing innovative solutions to the challenges heritage sites present can be an invaluable resource in this type of project. Read more in this article by David Woodall from Assent Group where he talks to Ecclesiastical and Heritage World

You can read a much more detailed version online in the latest issue of Ecclesiastical and Heritage World. if you’d like to discuss any of your upcoming heritage projects, please get in touch.



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