Learning Lessons in Offsite Construction

Learning Lessons in Offsite Construction
7th July 2021

The method of construction is increasing, as the industry is realising the many benefits that it brings. This is especially true in the education sector, where buildings can be erected in a short timeframe with very little disruption to the surrounding site.

This means buildings can remain functioning while additional structures are added to the school grounds, or new schools can be assembled during short school holiday periods. John Miles – Technical Manager at Assent Building Control, spoke to PSBJ magazine about how the building control sector needs to evolve to incorporate modern methods of construction to its processes.

This means getting boots on the ground at the design and factory stages, ensuring everything is up to standard before it goes to site.

You can also read more details about one of our primary school offsite projects, working alongside Portakabin which is detailed in the full article online here in PSBJ and if you’d like to discuss how Assent can support your building projects, please get in touch.


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