Meet Interim People Director, Claire Farley

Meet Interim People Director, Claire Farley
21st May 2024

This week we put the spotlight on Assent’s Interim People Director, Claire Farley:

What is your role at Assent and what are your Accountabilities?

My role at Assent is Interim People Director and over the coming months my main responsibilities will be aimed at improving our systems and processes in relation to both recruitment and retention.  I will also assist with training & coaching programs and a big focus for me is to ensure we have an attractive Employee Value Proposition to help us to attract and keep superstar employees.

What is your background prior to Assent?

Alongside my interim role with Assent, I still run my own business, Untapped Potential Recruitment, and I am also a Vistage Chair which means I run a Group of Senior Business Leaders in the North West who come together once a month to improve their leadership skills and, in turn, grow their business.

Who do you Line Manage?

The HR / recruitment team report to Jay Simpson who in turn reports to me.

What do you enjoy doing when not working?

Relax!  I don’t get much time to relax these days with so much happening in my work life, but socialising is a big thing for me which helps me relax.  I spend a lot of my free time with friends and family (mainly eating and drinking a bit too much) but travel is also big on my agenda.  I was lucky enough to visit San Diego earlier this year and I’m looking forward to a cruise on the Queen Victoria in September.


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