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Assent launch 'Golden Thread' Clerk of Works service

Published On Tuesday 16 April 2019

The benefits of employing an Assent Clerk of Works today:

Assent Independent third party inspections helps to protect the clients interests throughout the construction process. When employing/appointing a Clerk of Works, the Client will not only benefit in term of experience; they will also have the reassurance that Assent are safeguarding their interests..

Our skilled and experienced Clerk of Works will have the ability to: anticipate; interpret; inspect; record; report; advise and guide; help reduce risk; provide guidance on health and safety matters; assist in getting it right first time! Extending on this they will have:

  1. A good general understanding of the specific construction inspection process (in particular around the inspection of materials and workmanship)
  2. An understanding of the obligations of all parties (requirements and boundaries)
  3. Foresight; i.e. identification of issues/ potential issues and the ability to suggest alternative methods or mitigation techniques
  4. A focus on quality; promoting right first time initiatives, reducing rework and double handling
  5. They are impartial, with a fair, considered and independent approach to ensuring value for money for the Client
  6. They have an awareness of acceptable standards, benchmarking and identifying non-conformance
  7. The ability to produce concise recordings of their findings
  8. They will have a professional opinion and make recommendations to alternative approaches and corrective actions
  9. Knowledge of construction materials and components, including their use, limitations and possible alternatives
  10. An understanding and knowledge of the practical and legal aspects of health and safety.

When you appoint an Assent Clerk of Works, there are a number of factors that we can focus on; these will include:

Compliance – buildings need to be inspected for safety and structural integrity to ensure that they conform to statutory regulations and laws.

Workmanship – needs to be monitored and inspected at regular intervals to minimise problems, defects and rework.

Materials – should be inspected to ensure that they are correct and of a suitable, appropriate quality to fit their purpose.

Defects – can be minimised and resolved when regular thorough inspection is factored into the construction process.

Recommendations – A Clerk of Works can make recommendations to the Client throughout the construction process.

Note: All of the above will depend on what basis the individual is contractually employed.

When should a Clerk of Works be appointed?

The earlier the better! Starting pre-construction and throughout each stage of construction thereon is recommended. It is usual for our Clerk of Works to be employed as a representative of the employer/Client, typically under the direction of the Architect, Engineer or Project Manager.

Employing a Clerk of Works is not a mandatory requirement; it is however highly recommended.

Our services can be run in tandem or independent of our building control function. Contact Maria Caulfield for further information on 0161 236 7158

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