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Building Control in Offsite Construction

Published On Wednesday 7 July 2021

The modern methods of construction (MMC1) framework, launched in January 2020 by the Department for Education (DfE) marked the next step-change in construction for the education sector. Assent Technical Director, John Miles highlighted in a feature article with PSBJ how building regulations need to adapt to suit this method of construction.

Speedier delivery, sustainability and thermal efficiency bring a huge range of benefits and with reduced build-times there is far less disruption to childrens' education. However, current regulations and traditional methodologies do not account for areas such as fire resistance, acoustics and energy efficiency, which are all dealt with in the factory.

You can also read more details about one of our primary school offsite projects, working alongside Portakabin which is detailed in the full article online here in PSBJ and if you’d like to discuss how Assent can support your building projects in 2021, please get in touch.