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Offsite Construction Shaping the Future of the Built Environment

Published On Friday 1 October 2021

John Miles, Assent Director and Technical Manager, speaks with Offsite Hub about the benefits of offsite construction and how building control can adapt its approach.

Leading forces are understanding the benefits that modern methods of construction have to offer and that’s why John Miles, Assent Director believes Building Control should back offsite construction and adapt its approach for a more effective model.

In this article, John identifies some key steps that can be taken by building control professionals.

Realising the benefits of offsite construction

Advantages of offsite construction includes consistency and precision. AI’s need to have a full understanding of the project from start to finish and create relationships with all the teams involved, as well as being able to enforce energy efficiency and safety throughout the building process.

Changing approaches to the inspection process

Revisiting Building Control’s approach to offsite construction will ensure regulations around fire resistance, acoustics and energy efficiency are all dealt with from within a factory, so that from the start, all checks are complete.

Building relationships within offsite construction

Becoming involved with offsite construction projects will allow AI’s to accumulate knowledge from each offsite project and funnel it to the manufacturer giving AI’s the opportunity to improve the service and encourage more freedom in the design process.

You can read a much more detailed version of these points in the Offsite Magazine or on the Offsite Web Page. If you’d like to discuss how Assent can support your building projects in 2021, please get in touch.