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Opportunities in Building Control for Women

Published On Thursday 14 October 2021

kills shortages across the built environment has left the industry in desperate need of new talent. Jane Keely, director at Assent Building Control, speaks to PBC Today about the exciting opportunity of filling this gap with women.

Women make up just 12.5% of the construction workforce. This is despite there being an almost 50:50 split between men and women across the UK workforce as a whole. The pursuit for the female workforce lies in both attracting new talent and retaining women already in the sector.

In order to do this there needs to be a change to the gender stereotypes and misconceptions that tend to prevent young girls from considering a career in construction. The mistaken belief that it’s an old boys club is outdated. Jane Keely, Director at Assent, believes that there is positive discrimination within the sector that is countering its male-dominated culture.

When it comes to attracting the next generation of AI’s, apprenticeships offer a fantastic vehicle from school to the workplace. By allowing students to learn on the job, it gives them a great idea of what to expect.

Another challenge the sector faces is that when women begin to establish their careers they may have to put it on hold in order to start a family or see to other caring responsibilities. This is why valuing women’s work and adjusting the company culture into one that is more inclusive is essential to keep women in the sector.

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