Technology in Construction and Building Control: Continuing Pandemic Progress

Technology in Construction and Building Control: Continuing Pandemic Progress
21st December 2022

John Miles from Assent, discusses the current state of technology in building control and the wider construction industry PBC Today.

Although the construction sector has traditionally been slow to embrace technology this trend appears to be reversing. A Deloitte report in 2021 revealed that 76% of engineering and construction executives planned to invest in digital technology within the next year. This change is already apparent in the building control sector with audit apps, remote site visits and drone inspections of difficult-to-access areas.

The goal is to drive better practices that see improvements in productivity, health and safety and sustainability. But despite the willingness to make changes the current skills shortage situation could hamper progress. In a recent RICS survey of 2500 members, 90% believed that a lack of suitably skilled professionals was a medium to high level blocker in moving to a more technology-led approach.

Covid 19 accelerated technology used for building control professionals as many used remote site inspections for the first time. This marked an important shift within the sector that has continued post-pandemic. While old-school habits die hard, the move to modernise is gaining pace and building control is leading the way.

You can read a much more detailed version at PBC Today. If you’d like to discuss how Assent can support your building projects in 2022, please get in touch.


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