Uniting to Improve Fire Safety Standards

Uniting to Improve Fire Safety Standards
10th August 2021

The construction industry is facing turbulent times – with the fallout of Grenfell, a shortage of materials due to supply chain challenges caused by the pandemic, a dwindling pool of skills, increased housing demand and new Brexit trading rules. Paul Le Mare, Associate Manager at Assent, recently spoke to BSEE about the need for a sea-change across the sector in order to increase assurance of fire safety.

While the release of the Hackett Report and its subsequent changes to be enforced across the industry, there are deep routed issues that must be addressed if we are to avoid any further tragedies from happening. Paul says that CEO’s of companies should have open lines of communication “like they would in any other sector”.

He also speaks about the fire action group he founded under the name Fire Safety Building Regulations Group (FSBRG), created with the mission to unify the Building Control profession and raise standards in the built environment.

You can read a much more detailed version at BSEE Magazine October 2021. If you’d like to discuss how Assent can support your building projects in 2022, please get in touch.


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