Regulation Updates to Approved Documents F, L, O & S

Regulation Updates to Approved Documents F, L, O & S
10th May 2023

The updated Building Regulations to Approved Documents – Part F (Ventilation) and Part L (Conservation of fuel and power), and the release of new Approved Documents for Overheating (Part O) and Electric Vehicle Charging (Part S) came into force in England, for applications made on or after 15 June 2022.

For projects placed with Assent, or another approved inspector, prior to the 15 June 2022, the old standards will still apply, provided that the work commences on site before 15th June 2023.

For schemes with multiple buildings, all plots/block must commence prior to June 15th 2023. Any buildings which have not commenced before June 15th 2023, or were registered after 15th June 2022, will need to comply with the updated regulations.

Here’s a quick guide on what is defined as site commencement.

If you need further assistance regarding any projects this may affect, please contact your relevant Assent office or Project Manager.

Alternatively, please send a message and we’ll get back in touch with you.


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