Responsibility for Fire Risk – Where Should it Lie?

Responsibility for Fire Risk – Where Should it Lie?
15th June 2022

In this article, Paul le Mare, Associate Manager at Assent Building Control and founder of the Fire Safety Building Regulations Group, talks about where the responsibility for fire safety should lie during the different phases of a project, from designing to completion and going forward.

In the design phase, fire risk considerations depend on the architect who is responsible for designing a building that meets the regulations. From an approved inspector or building control officer’s perspective, a project must comply with Regulation 38 before a completion certificate can be signed off. And once the building is completed, fire safety considerations and obligations rely on the building owner.

The article also provides a practical five-step plan to develop a quality fire risk assessment.

You can read a much more detailed version at BSEE (Building Services & Environmental Engineer. If you’d like to discuss how Assent can support your building projects in 2022, please get in touch.


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