Statement from Assent Regarding Recent Media Articles

Statement from Assent Regarding Recent Media Articles
19th June 2024

In light of the recent article published on 18 June 2024, by Construction News and other media outlets, the Assent Group would like to clarify the status of our group licenses, our capability to provide building control services – including for in-flight higher-risk buildings (HRBs) – and our position regarding the Registered Building Control Approver (RBCA) designation.

Contrary to what may be implied from the article, the wider Assent Group remains fully operational and capable of delivering high-quality building control services. The Assent Group operates through three licensed entities: LB Building Control, Oculus Building Consultancy, and Clarke Banks. All three businesses are registered as RBCAs and will continue to offer the comprehensive range of services that our clients rely on.

Assent Building Control itself will not be registering as an RBCA. However, it will continue to operate as an Approved Inspector until 1 October 2024 under the transitional arrangements.

The Assent Group is working with the BSR and its clients in respect of a small number of existing HRB projects that were being delivered under Assent Building Control Limited. Contrary to what was suggested in the article, the BSR is fully aware of these projects and discussions continue.

Our commitment to maintaining high standards is reflected in our workforce. All Registered Building Inspectors within the Assent Group will continue to serve our clients. Currently, over 70% of our surveyors are registered as RBIs (from Class 2A to Class 4), with this number steadily increasing.

We hope this clarifies any misunderstandings and reaffirms our dedication to providing exceptional building control services through the Assent Group. As always, the Assent Group remains committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and professionalism in all our operations.

Whilst we trust this clarifies the position, any future queries should be directed to


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