CICAIR rehearing concluded

CICAIR rehearing concluded
24th January 2024

Please read Assent’s statement regarding the outcome of the CICAIR disciplinary rehearing in December 2023.

On 4 January 2024, Assent Building Control was issued with a Level 2 Moderate Breach sanction by industry regulator CICAIR following a disciplinary hearing, subsequent appeal and re-hearing.

This sanction relates to an incident in 2018 where two former Associates issued a final building control certificate for a residential building on Downs Road, Luton contrary to Assent’s stringent processes and procedures. Those individuals were dismissed and no longer work with Assent.

Assent accepts the outcome of the re-hearing and that matters are now concluded regarding this. As is always the case, the business is committed to taking what learnings it can from this and will continue to work with CICAIR and the BSR to comply with all requirements for on-going compliance.

Assent is now looking forward continuing to provide a high-quality service to its clients in the same positive and proactive manner it always strives for.



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